38, still wondering and wandering…

It’s my birthday again.

The first day of my thirty eight had an unusual start. Miguel and I are heading to Santorini this morning by ferry, so we had to wake up super early after only 2-3 hours of sleep. It has been nonstop packing & unpacking for last few days, fortunately (or sadly), this will be our last destination and we’ll be staying in Santorini for three nights, so only one more unpacking and packing is left. After the packing craziness, we were able to make it to the ferry terminal in Pireas port.

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서른 여덟의 시작

또다시 생일이다

38번째 맞는 이번 생일의 아침은 좀 특이하게 시작했다. 두 세시간 쪽잠을 자고 일어나서 정신없이 다시 짐을 싸고, 아테네 도심가에서 남서쪽에 위치한 Pireas 항구에서 산토리니로 향하는 배를 탔다. 페리라고 하기에는 정말 큰, 크루즈 정도 되는 크기의 거대한 배를 타고, 지중해를 건너가면서 생일을 맞이하는 것도 나름대로 운치있는 듯… 31살 때부터였던가? 20대 때에는 재미있던 생일 파티라는게 지겨워지기 시작하면서, 생일 파티 대신, 생일 때마다 안 가본 곳을 여행하겠다고 마음 먹고서는, 32살 때에는 이태리 투스카니 시골의 한 마을에서, 33살 때에는 시애틀에서, 34살 때에는 시카고에서 맞이한 생일지난 두 해에는 사정상 건너 뛴 만큼 올해 만큼은 꼭 안 가본 어딘가를 가보고 싶었다. 그리스를 선택한 건, 그야말로 막판에 한 결정…  꼭 아테네나 산토리니를 가야겠다고 마음먹은 건 없었다. 그냥이번 생일에는 정말 특별하게 내가 나에게 좋은 시간을 선물해 주고 싶었다

중학교 때 처음으로 세계사를 배우면서 정말 푹 빠졌던 그리스의 역사그때부터 꿈꿔왔던 그 곳에 진짜 왔구나

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13 years in Canada

It’s 7:30 pm on a Saturday night. This is exactly the time I planned to have a big party to celebrate my 13 years of Canada with all my friends.

Instead of wearing a korean dress with a glass of wine on my hand, welcoming all my guests to arrive, I’m sitting in the St. Michael’s hospital emergency room waiting for my turn.
Fortunately, I never had to be here last 13 years which I am very grateful. Even now I finally made my appearance here, I’m also grateful that my condition is not anything threatening so I could just walk here myself. I’m thinking the bright side, it’s good to learn how this emergency system works in Canada anyway in case for the real emergency.

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Lotus Flower: My First Tattoo

So, I got my first tattoo today.

Life is interesting. I’ve never thought I would ever have any tattoos on my body. I just never associated myself with this type of brave people who can express their feelings or thoughts through tattoo arts on their body.

It was not an impulsive decision. I’ve been thinking about this from last year after I finished my trip of 100 Days of Wander. I wanted to remember the learnings from the trip and have been thinking about what would be the best design to memorize this. I’ve done some research, collected lots of inspirations and consulted with my tattoo artist, and this unique creation is the final outcome. I simply love it.

What is the meaning?

Like the lotus flower, which grows and beautifully blooms in muddy water, the lotus seed symbolizes spiritual growth and the ability to rise above obstacles. Also said to increase one’s devotion, peace of mind, and inner beauty.

And personally, it has two important meanings to me.

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The day after the silence: My Experience of 10 Day Vipassana Meditation Course

So, I’m back.

I completed the course resisting the countless thoughts and attempts of quitting. It might have been the most quiet yet painful 11 nights and 12 days of my life. Like the teacher said, it’s like an operation. It cuts your stomach open and takes out all the bad stuff. It’s going to hurt so bad, but that’s the process of healing and you know that you need it to live a happy life for the rest of your life.

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The day before the silence…

So tomorrow is finally the day, when I start my 10 day silence meditation course at Vipassana.

Instead of busy packing or reading instructions for tomorrow, I’m just lying in my bed for few hours transitioning from a freaking out state to a frozen state having “My brain is frozen and stopped functioning. I can’t do anything right now, so I’m just going to do nothing” moment.

I really don’t know why, but I don’t think I was this scared and nervous even when I was packing for 100 days of traveling to strange places that I’ve never been. This 10 day seems way longer and scarier than 100 days of traveling.

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Thank you, 2016.

2016 was a year of change with lots of wandering and wondering. It was painful to go through those changes, but now thinking back the year, I realized how much I have learned and grown. 2016 gave me the opportunity to learn about myself, find my lost identity, discover truly what I am passionate about, and more importantly gave me the opportunity to meet those amazing people around the world and reconnect with the people who were always there for me, love and support me no matter what.

So, I want to use this time to appreciate all the love and care I’ve received this year.

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7 years + 30 days

So this morning, I realized that it has been a month ever since Joel and I ended our relationship.

Some days it feels so much longer and some days, it feels like it just happened yesterday. It has been a very tough month, but I am getting so much support from everybody around me, I’m doing better and better every day. Now again, I know I have enough strength to get through this and make my life even better than before.

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UX Team Reunion

Recreating the moment from 2 years ago with my beloved UX team


12 years in Canada

Happy 12 years in Canada! I can’t believe I already spent 1/3 of my life in Canada. 12 years ago, I was a Korean girl who didn’t even know the capital city of Canada and how the winter weather is like. Sometimes I wonder how different my life would be if I picked Australia or UK instead. But I’m happy I chose here and met all the wonderful friends and my Canadian family. If anybody is free today, join me to celebrate my 12 year anniversary! 벌써 12년, 인생의 1/3을 캐나다에서 보냈다. 감회가 새롭구나.

Attitude Towards Your Career

Respect intelligence not authority.

This is what we believe in Publicis & Nurun and I truly support it. And probably that’s why I hate it so much when I see brown nosers.

My two cents for career development

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Mom’s Graduation Ceremony

My mom got her master’s degree today. She is a true inspiration to show you never stop learning and it’s never too late to achieve your dream! Love you mom!

오늘은 엄마의 석사 학위 수여식. 너무 자랑스럽고 존경합니다 엄마!

Maurice Levy

Me & Maurice Levy, Chairman & CEO of Publicis Group.

2015 Review

2015 was wonderful yet crazy busy year.

  • A lot of traveling: 4 countries, 16 cities, 19 airports, 41 flights. 1/3 of the year, I was not in Toronto.
  • Launched a new agency successfully and won 5 new clients
  • Hired a lot of great talents

But most importantly, I was able to create most wonderful memories with my family, friends and Joel. 2016 will be another exciting year and i wish i can meet all my friends who i didn’t have a chance to hang out in 2015!