Day 10: A Day Trip to Macau

The third day in Hong Kong was unfortunately raining most of the day. It was the first day in HK I decided to travel without our local guide, Hasiya. Mainly because I wanted to practice to travel alone and get used to getting lost, but also because Hasiya & Helena already went to Macau two days ago.

For this last day in HK, I decided to take a quick day trip to Macau. One of my goal of this trip is using public transportations as much as I can and trying not to depend on the internet. So far, I have been traveling without roaming, so I’m pretty proud of myself.

From Hong Kong to Macau

I used the hotel shuttle bus to go near the ferry terminal. Before getting on board, I had a tasty lunch at a local restaurant called Crystal Jade. The Dan Dan noodle was delicious! There was a huge line up – so I think it’s probably a popular place. 🙂 I didn’t know much about where and how to get a ticket, but I managed myself to get 2 pm ferry. It was an interesting boat and the ride was pretty crazy. I am so happy that I don’t get easily sick from this kind of ride, but I can imagine some people can get sick from this.


Cotai Area – The hub of all fancy hotels & casinos

When I arrived, the rain was pretty heavy. So I decided to take the free hotel shuttles to Cotai area, where all fancy hotels & casinos are located. The hotel I picked to explore is the Venetian Hotel. When I went inside, I actually started laughing. It was ridiculous to see that they tried to recreate the city of Venice inside the hotel. But I have to say it looked pretty romantic there and the casino was massive. I was winning a bit in the beginning, but ended up losing in the end.


Macau Old Town – Senado Square

After checking out few more hotels, I’ve used the free hotel shuttles again to visit the old town of Macau. I was a bit surprised to see that the old town Macau seemed more like a shopping district. There were so many shops around this little town. I guess, it seems like busier version of Old Montreal? It was such a walk to go all the way to the fort, but when I got there the view was awesome. I got mixed feeling looking at all the fancy hotels behind the old ruins.


Partying for the last night in Hong Kong

After coming back from Macau, I went to the buffet restaurant in my hotel, The Market, which is listed as #3 restaurant in HK by TripAdvisor. The restaurant manager was kind enough for letting me to pack additional deserts to bring to my room, so I enjoyed them watching the view at my hotel. I got a bit drunk because my room came with a free mini bar… but definitely had a great last night.

Hong Kong will be probably the most fancy trip out of all the places I’ll visit during 100 days of Wander. The food was great and the time I spent with Hasiya, Helena and Hasiya’s friends were simply awesome.

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