Thank you, 2016.

2016 was a year of change with lots of wandering and wondering. It was painful to go through those changes, but now thinking back the year, I realized how much I have learned and grown. 2016 gave me the opportunity to learn about myself, find my lost identity, discover truly what I am passionate about, and more importantly gave me the opportunity to meet those amazing people around the world and reconnect with the people who were always there for me, love and support me no matter what.

So, I want to use this time to appreciate all the love and care I’ve received this year.


First, thank you mom and dad for being healthy this year. It was simply wonderful traveling the world with you. I love you so much and look forward to more happy & amazing times I’ll spend with you in the new year.  And my lovely sisters, thank you for all the support you’ve given me during this year. Let’s be happy forever together.

엄마 아빠, 건강하게 올 한해 보내주셔서 감사합니다. 엄마와 아빠와 함께한 여행은 평생 잊지 못할 추억이 될거예요. 너무 사랑하고요, 앞으로도 우리 이렇게 행복한 시간 많이 많이 보내요. 그리고 사랑하는 우리 언니들, 너무 많은 정신적인 도움을 줘서 고맙고, 우리 앞으로도 항상 이렇게 행복하자.



Thank you Joel for all the love and support you gave me this year. I know it was an extremely difficult year for us which resulted us taking separate journeys from this point in our lives. However, I want to tell you that I would have not gone through this difficult time if you were not there supporting me. So I thank you. You are a great person that I respect a lot. I wish you lots of happinesses and laughters in 2017.



We didn’t have a chance to see each other this year, but you were always there in my heart. You are a true friend who always help me be a better person and go to the right direction when I’m lost. And thank you for being patient with me and continue to support me when I was in serious mess. Love you.


Xiu, Miguel, and Hasiya

My regular gangs – seriously, thank you so much for making me laugh again and bringing joy back in my life. I am so happy for us spending more time together now and I know we will have so much more fun together in 2017.


My Spanish Friends

Thank you so much Ana, Mar, Marcus and Isa for making my visit to Spain as one of the most memorable parts of 2016. I will never forget the great conversations we had in Spain. You all helped me so much to heal my broken hearts and gave so much hope and inspirations of life. I now feel that I have a second home in my heart and I know our friendship will last forever.


Kelly & Stacey

I wrote this in Instagram before but I truly feel that you guys must be my family in my previous life. Thank you so much for all the love & care you gave me throughout this year even you were going through a lot on your own. Christmas was very special and I felt truly welcomed. Thank you for giving me lovely memories and I can’t wait to spend more special times with you in 2017.


Trish, Jen, Nelly, Andrea, Paulo, Elysia, Sanya, and Craig

Each one of you made my year so much more special. It was so great to reconnect and spend quality times together.

Trish, you helped me so much during my break up and you are simply so wonderful & warm with lots of love.

Jen, my sister, I’m so happy that we are spending more time together. You keep me warm when I’m cold. And I know you are always there for me.

Nelly, you are my best partner, good friend and inspirational mentor. I am so happy you are in my life and it’s so exciting to see you rocking your new role!

Andrea, I know we live far away but I also know your heart is always here for me. It was so wonderful to see you in Orlando and Montreal and truly share our feelings together. Love you.

Paulo, you are a truly inspirational person with so much passion, curiosity and authenticity. And it is very contagious. I am excited to spend more time with you in 2017 to be more inspired by you!

Elysia, you are not only born on the same day as me, but I feel you are my intellectual twin. 🙂 You smart lady, it’s only a matter of time for you to fly! And I’ll be there cheering for you always!

Sanya, it’s great to reconnect with you but also being the witness of you becoming a mature, wise and wonderful woman. I am excited to see you expanding your comfort zone and further exploring the world in 2017!

Craig, I’m so happy to have a new friend and travel buddy to have great conversations, challenge and inspire each other. Let’s continue to share great ideas and make 2017 the best year of adventure!



Thank you so much for such a wonderful time in Germany. It was so lovely to reconnect and I really appreciate all the great conversations we had. Also thank you for introducing all amazing music to listen! I now fall in love with classical music again and you truly inspired me to buy piano! 🙂


My Publicis & Nurun Gangs

Thank you for welcoming me back, even though I left the company suddenly and roughly. Seriously, you guys are amazing and just full of fun. Jennifer, Ryan, Emma, Helena, AdmiraAndrew, Carlos, John, NickRebecca, Maxime, Philip, Lucinda, Alexandra, Bonita, Thea, Jelena, Ivana, Jessica, Kristy, Martin, Kelvin, Dave….the list continues… I was so lucky to meet all of you from Publicis & Nurun. I enjoy being your friends way more than being your boss. Let’s continue our friendship and I would love to see you all more in 2017!


Yerim, Shiwon, Soyeon & Jiyeon

예림언니, 우리 너무 좋은 시간 같이 보내서 좋았구, 2017년에는 정말로 자주 보자!

시원언니, 나의 정신적 지주. 내년에는 꼭 시간 되어서 만났으면 좋겠다. 보고싶어! 항상 건강해!

소연아, 너의 메세지가 항상 나에게 큰 응원이 된다는거 알지? 크리스마스 카드 너무 고맙고, 우리 내년에는 꼭 보자!

지연아, 2017년에는 아프지 말고 꼭 건강하길. 우리 같이 대화나눈 것처럼 항상 행복하자!


My New NFA Family

Thank you so much Serge, Dave and Rachel for giving me the opportunity to work with such an amazing group of people. I’m so lucky to find my new home and I feel so warm in here. I am so excited for all the amazing work we will do in 2017! Let’s continue to win! 🙂


My Ex-Clients, but Now Friends

I was always so fortunate to meet amazing clients during my Publicis & Nurun time. But what’s more amazing is how this relationship turned into a true friendship. I want to say special thanks to Karen, Manoj, Daine, Jen Desjardins, and Deepika for encouraging me and supporting me while I was going through some tough changes in my life. You guys are so wonderful and I really hope to see you and talk to you more often in 2017!


My Barcelona Classmates

Thank you Hanna, Joyce, Fleur, Naina, Zoe, Janine, Martin, Lena, SandrineBea, and Alejandra for making my Spanish class so much fun and special. Spending a week in Barcelona with you guys was just perfect way to spend the summer. I really hope I can visit Europe again to see you in your home countries! 🙂


And All Other People Who Made My Trip More Special

Traveling around the world was so much more special because I met so many different people around the world. I met over 50 new people during my journey. Thank you everybody for making my trip special. Especially, the lovely group of people I met in India, Romi, Tammy, Erica, Danelle, Sara, Daniel, Dawn, and Megan, and the friendly couple from Philadelphia, a Spanish football coach Angel, and the lovely lady who enjoyed the oysters with me. So wonderful memories. 🙂


Ok. It took me almost 4 hours to write post, but it is definitely not enough to express all the gratitude and appreciation I have for each one of you. Seriously, thank you, thank you and thank you for making my 2016 special.



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